DJ mr.JOHN Архипов Евгений Санкт-Петербург. House, UK progressive, tech-house ,deep, electro, minimal. Талантливый и обаятельный DJ с берегов Невы. Жизнь и работа в Санкт-Петербурге добавила ему в меру амбиций, что делает его еще более яркой фигурой клубной жизни Северной столицы. Радует публику тщательно сведенными и старательно подобранными пластинками,а также своей харизмой. Для него хобби и работа сливаются в единое целое. Используя пластинки он умеет грамотно выбрать нужную тему, сконструировать новый звук. И так, что публика в восторге от этого. Это и является искусством DJ, чем он владеет в полной мере. Ни один его микс не был до конца похож на другой. Он умеет идти на компромисс между внутренним «Я», своим видением музыки и желаниями людей, которые приходят его слушать. Ведь именно для них он создает определенное настроение. На вопрос, что главное для DJ, он отвечает так: « Адекватное восприятие его творчества и радостные, счастливые лица на танцполах!» Сайт mr.John: www.john.pdj.ru DJ FINE (Helsinki, Finland) Around 12 years of age, Anton (DJ Fine) gained an interest in electronic music. His first idol in the music world was "Underworld". During this time, he also became interested in making electronic music. The reason for his passion in electronic music was due to an obsession in creation, the creation of music. He followed the techno-influence of the late 90's until he realized his true passion... a more mellow sounding style. At this point in time DJ Fine's idols included: Sam Lainio, Mylo, Lil' Tony and of course... Evergreen Underworld. It was the winter of 2001 when he started playing vinyls, shortly after, Dj Fine played his first gig at the young age of 15. Because he started at such a young age, he has developed into quite the DJ, with 5 years of experience he is only 20 years old now. This spicy youngster has covered the majority of the genre, ranging from: Chill to House to Progressive, and has become a master of his craft. When he first started out, young Anton mainly played in Kotka but as word spread, he quickly was invited to play at clubs in major cities inside and out of Finland, and is now an international star as he plays clubs in major Russian cities! He has played with many famous DJs: Mr. C, Jay Mellin, Orkidea, Mr. A, Lange, LBJ, Arram Mantana, Oleg Pak, Trisco, Nastya, Andrius Videnski, SS, Mr. John and many more! The last 2 years have been great for this young DJ. He is quickly climbing the ladder of success and has found himself residence in Finnish/Russian clubs like; "Club Solstice" (Finland), "The Players Club" (Finland, Spain) and "Wildtown" (Russia). Progress is a slow process. Starting with dark tribal back in the days and coming close to Deep-House and Detroit, Anton sails now between having a bad day and having a blast. He's just a human and there is no progress in depress. You can hear all of this in Anton Fine's tracks and DJ Fine's shows. DJ Fine defines his style as house-music with vibes from electro, breaks, and techno. His music contains powerful rolling beats with a catchy melody that will stick in your head for days. If seduction is needed, he can warm up the evening with downtempo beats and relaxing chill music accompanied by scratches and original melancholic rock songs. Anton has a unique sense in music. The only tracks he will play are tracks that have personally touched him deep down inside. In his own words, "There's got to be that thing in a track... that little thing... it sounds so beautiful, melancholic, and happy all at the same time... we're talking vocals, a melody, an effect, or even just a beat". Fine's selection of tunes sets him apart from all the rest! Anton not only plays music from the heart, but he also has a unique way of presenting himself and capturing his audience! He says, "I just like having a great time with the crowd! People say it's like watching a new form of karaoke!" The only way to understand his performance is to see it with your own eyes! Dj Fine also produces music in various genres by the artist name of "Anton Fine". You can hear his production in art-exhibitions, his DJ-sets and from a few Finnish DJ's. To Anton, being a DJ is an artform: the music, dance, and smile are all a part of Anton's person, you will never get anything but the best. When you have the passion that Anton has, you will never get anything less than amazing! Being a DJ is not just a hobby or job for Mr. Fine'... it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that he pours his heart and soul into, day in and day out. Сайт dj FINE : www.virb.com/fine

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